Three construction workers, an Irish guy, a Mexican guy, and an idiot all sit down for lunch hour. The Irishman opens his lunch bag and exclaims in disgust, "Corned beef again! If my wife makes me corned beef one more time I'm jumping off this building!" The Mexican opens his lunchbox and shouts, "Tortillas again! I swear, if my wife makes me tortillas one more time I'm joining you!" The idiot unwraps his lunch and exclaims, "Bologna again! If my wife makes me a bologna sandwich tomorrow, I'm joining both of you!" The next day the three open their lunches. The Irishman sees corned beef and jumps off the building to his death. The Mexican looks into his lunchbox, sees tortillas, and also jumps. The idiot sees the bologna sandwich and joins the Mexican and Irishman to his death. At their funerals the Irishman's wife was crying, "If he'd just told me he hated corned beef I would've stopped making it for him." The Mexican's wife sobs, "If he told me he didn't like tortillas I wouldn't have made them." Everyone turns to the idiot's wife. She says, "Hey, don't look at me. He makes his own lunch."