Once there was a boy called Billy. And Billy loved clowns. So, when a circus came to town, Billy got tickets and went on the very first night. After about 20 minutes, a clown started walking through the audience, talking to various people at random.

Then he got to Billy. "Hi there, what's your name?" asked the clown. "Billy" he responded, really excited. "Are you a horse's head?" enquired the clown. Billy shook his head confused. "Are you a horse's neck?" "No..." Billy was looking more and more perplexed. "Are you a horse's legs?" prompted the clown. Billy shook his head again.

"Then you must be a horse's ass AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" laughed the clown walking off. Billy cried. Billy ran home. He cried and he cried and he cried.

But. Then, he resolved to get his revenge. Billy studied insults for a year. And finally, the circus was back in town. On the third night, Billy went back to get his own back on the clown. Once again, the clown started making the rounds through the audience.

Billy recognised him straight away, but the clown didn't show any signs of remembering Billy at all. "Hi there, what's your name?" enquired the clown. This was Billy's big moment. All his studying led up to this one moment of glory...

"FUCK YOU CLOWN!" roared Billy at the top of his voice.