A man walks into a bar, gets his drink, and sits down to watch the football. Liverpool score the first goal. And, just as the ball goes into the net... "Woof!"

The man turns around, and looks at the old man sitting beside him with a dog. Mentally shrugging, he returns his gaze to the television. Manchester United score an equalizer. The dog yelps. The man looks at his drink for a moment, as if deciding if he should blame it, before he drinks some more and waits for the second half to start.

The second half starts off with another Liverpool goal. "Woof!", proclaims the dog just as the ball sails past the goalkeeper. "Is your dog okay, mate?" he asks. "Yes, he just likes football", states the old man. "If Liverpool score, he woofs. If Man U score, he yelps. If Arsenal score, he howls..." says the old man between sips of alcohol.

"Wow, that's cool!" exclaims the man. "How long have you had him?" he asks interested. "Nearly sixteen years", replies the old man. "Hey, what does he do if Chelsea score a goal?" "Why", the old man looks surprised by the question, "I don't think he's ever seen that."