A mangy man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a drink. The bartender makes the drink but does not give it to the man, who has no money. The mangy man says, "I can show you a miracle if you give me a drink for free." "It had better be a good miracle," says the bartender.

The man nods, then pulls out of his pocket a hamster. The Hamster scurries over to the bar's piano and begins to play Gershwin songs. It plays them all perfectly and the bartender exclaims that George Gershwin himself could not have been better. It was a miracle; the bartender hands the man a drink.

The mangy old man drinks it in one gulp then asks for another. The bartender refuses, either another miracle or money. The man pulls out of his pocket a frog, who begins singing all of the Beatles' songs. It has perfect pitch and sings better than the originals.

A woman next to the two says, "I'll give you 300 CASH for that frog." The man agrees, and immediately helps himself to the drink the bartender gave him.

The barman shook his head. "I don't understand. You gave up a taking frog? It could've been worth millions."

"Naw, it wasn't," the man disagrees, "That hamster was also a ventriloquist."