A captain of a cruise ship hired a magician to entertain his patrons.

The captain would go down the to show every night, because he really loved magicians.

The problem was, this captain had a Parrot, and the Parrot was always able to figure out the magicians trick, and would spoil the trick.

Every night the parrot would squak: "BRAUK! He's hiding it in his sock!" or "BRAWK! It's up his sleeve!"

One night, the magician just could not take it anymore, and he pulled out a gun and shot the parrot.

The parrot ducked, and the bullet hit a gas tank, and the whole ship exploded into smithereens.

Now, the only two survivors were the magician and the parrot, and as they floated in the wreckage, the parrot turns to the magician and says:

"Ok, I give up, where'd you put the damn ship?"